Monday, May 9, 2011

Blog Feature: The Talented Artist, Christy from Dragonpop

The other day, I was playing in a fun BNR and I ordered this fabulous ring from Christy of the Etsy shop Dragonpop. Christy's shop is full of unique items that always catch my eye! I had a hard time making my selection because I wanted so many different rings. I really love her Poppyrock rings and the Dragon cameo rings, but I chose the dragonfly bubble ring. Something about the blue and the dragon fly really caught my attention. 


When I got the ring a couple of days later, I was very pleased with my decision, it is beautiful. It was delivered in a cute little package and she even included an extra surprise. I also received an eyeglass case and a tissue holder. These are perfect for my purse. I was impressed by how well made they are. The quality of materials used to construct these items is fabulous, I buy fabric all the time, and the fabric Christy uses to construct her cases is not cheap. I was so impressed with my purchase, I wanted to find out more about this talented artist behind these beautiful items. So I had the pleasure of asking her a few questions and I would like to share them with you. Please enjoy our interview.

Christy Angelicchio fom Dragonpop

Please tell us a little about yourself and your shop...

I'm a work-at-home mom. I've always loved art and anything crafty. I was always going from one project to another in my home, mostly trying to renew worn out items to breathe new life into them. Family and friends were always telling me how much they liked my work and how I should sell it. So here I am :)

Where does your inspiration come from?

Family and friends for sure. I imagine the things a specific person likes and I try to picture the one thing I could create that would leave them speechless :) Of course my likes and dislikes inspire me as well. That's when it gets tricky. When I make something where I'M the inspiration it's that much harder to list it and sell it!

Tell us about your favorite piece of jewelry that you've created? you can show us a pic if you want...

That's tough. My jewelry more often than not is inspired by what I like so I love all of it. I'm very proud of the pieces I've done with a steampunk feel to them. But I'd have to say my dragons are my fav's. I become pretty attached to them which is why I name them. I think Wild Candy would have to be my most favorite so far.

Besides Etsy, where can your customers find your unique designs?

I am currently only available through my Etsy shop. Though I do have inquiries in with some local boutiques to start marketing in their shops. I'll keep everyone posted when new avenues open up!

Other than creating amazing items for your shop, what else do you like to do in your free time?

Love to read. I'm going through a bit of a Paranormal Romance phase :) Laurell K. Hamilton is on my MUST READ list. Though I like all genres. I read everything from Diana Gabaldon to Caleb Carr. I also garden when weather permits. I'm gearing up for summer. I already have my seedlings well on their way!

To follow Christy, please visit her Etsy Shop and her Facebook Page.
Christy is generously giving away an eyeglass and tissue case set! Please follow this link to get entered!
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  1. Lovely article and lovely shop! Christy, I also like Paranormal Romance. Check out Lori Handleland
    Night Creature Series :)