Monday, March 28, 2011

The Story Behind the Pink Rose Princess Hat

I just finished up this beautiful pink princess hat, that really came about by mistake. I was working on this requested dunce hat, and the first one I made, came out a little too small. So I had to start over. But good things can come from mistakes, if you always keep a positive outlook. I looked at the "scrap" hat and thought "wow! that looks like a princess hat." Earlier in the week, I was shopping in one of my favorite craft stores and I came across the prettiest rose trim, I adored this trim, but at the time couldn't think of anything I could use it on. So I left it there, but didn't forget about it...Now with this mistake, I found a use for that pretty rose trim. I finally got back to town a couple of days ago and bought that trim. I think it looks beautiful on this pretty pink princess hat!
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