Monday, October 10, 2011

House Cleaning Blahs Got You Down?

I really truly love to clean house, but if you came over to visit today, you would never guess it! Mostly it's because I can't stay off of Etsy, but sometimes I just need an inspiration to get me in the mood. Here are some ideas that might be able to cheer you up and give you the motivation to get to work and get your house spic and span.

How about a new toy? 
Even moms like to get new toys. Last year I bought the Shark Steam cleaning gadgets. I purchased the Shark Vacuum Cleaner, the Shark Steam Mop and the Shark Portable Steam Pocket.


Oh what fun I had cleaning everything! The fun lasted about a year, until the products stopped working properly and then it became work to use them.  The other day I realized even the simplest new toys, can be inspiring to get to work. I purchased a regular old kitchen mop, and what fun I had scrubbing the whole kitchen floor! I was even inspired to pull out the stove and refrigerator and clean under there too!

Dress the part...
Maybe you need a cleaning outfit to get inspired, well maybe not a maid's outfit, although your husband might appreciate it (I know mine would), so it is a thought...
Here is one by  enchiladamama

 But how about some new Rubber Gloves, not just the plain yellow rubber gloves that your mom used to wear, how about these pretty gloves I found on Etsy from

They also make pretty aprons, you can find them and more gloves in their shop.

Or maybe a Hippie Bandana will get you in the mood... I always wear mine when I am cleaning house...

New Cleaning Products...
Okay so maybe all you really need is some new fun cleaning products to try... 
Maybe some eco-friendly products that make you feel good about cleaning, because you are doing something good for the environment. You can find plenty of products to try on Etsy, just like this cleaning kit by ...
(no relation I promise :)

How about some Eco Friendly all natural Laundry Detergent...
 BY SoapForYourSoul

and Don't forget the reusable dryer sachets

These are perfect to use in your laundry and then use them to store your linens and keep them fresh, since they are made with lavender and chamomile, you can also use them to help you sleep! (or the kids :)

How about Decorating for the Holidays?
If a new cleaning product doesn't get you motivated, how about sprucing up your house with some Holiday decorating?
Some of my favorite shops on Etsy have just the items you need to get in the Holiday spirit... Alana from LittleLadyIrish can fix you up for Halloween

and so can my friend Katt from BlackFridayStudios

and the very talented Sanja from CraftUnikat has an original painting to spruce up your Halloween decorating as well

and when you get ready to decorate for Christmas, Christy from Dragonpop has some fun and stylish feather Christmas Ornaments ready for your tree

Okay so if a little house decorating doesn't get you inspired to clean it up, you can always invite your mother or your mother-in-law over, this works for me... especially my mom, she would be nagging if she came over and found my house dirty, or worse yet, she would start cleaning it for me! LOL And if that doesn't work, maybe you can bribe your kids with money to clean the house for you, provided they are old enough... if they are still young, you might be able to use the Zippety Zoo game, like they did on "Little Bill" to clean up the house.... You just "zippety zoo" everything in it's place :) I think this worked once with my kids, then they caught on to the idea of doing house work! LOL

I hope some of my ideas have inspired you to stop putting off the housework, and find something to motivate you! Good Luck! Pin It


  1. What a fun article! I've been wondering about those shark cleaning gadgets. Glad to hear a first hand review of them. And what super fun items you've showcased! I am happy to have my Xmas Tree Ornament included :) Thank you so much. XO

  2. Lol! This is GREAT! I also have the Shark system and the cool cleaning gloves:) Sadly, I don't have the cool maids apron but now I know where to get one! :D
    Than you for including my Halloween card in this fun fun article!

  3. I really, really hate cleaning, though I must admit, you're right - when there's a new toy, it's a LOT more fun!

    You found some great goodies to share!

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