Saturday, July 23, 2011

Behind the Making of Great Treasuries

As you all know, creating treasuries is a big part of Statteam. I find it to be a fun, creative outlet and enjoy doing it. But as I create, I am always feeling that itch of creating something amazing that will make it to the front page of Etsy. So, I have been thinking about exploring what it takes to get there. I thought the first thing I should do, is learn about the creative process of someone who has been there. Of course, I want to share her story with you.  Sit back and enjoy learning about the amazing talent of one of my dearest friends and member of our Statteam, Sanja from Craftunikat. She has had 2 front page treasuries and many treasuries posted everywhere else including CraftCult and Etsy Treasury Hunter. I think she knows what she is doing. :) I love her and I feel like I am in the presence of a celebrity.

Here is her story.

Chapter I: The Process
Treasuries are the great way to enhance your creativity. When I start to make treasury I have to be in the "special " creative mood. Well it is a creative process, and when inspiration comes I'll just feed it with a new treasury or I'll paint something for my shop. Painting takes a lot of time, and making treasuries are just fun and enjoyable exercise for your creativity. Lot of time happened to me that I discovered new inspiration and new emotion wich I later incorporated in my work. So treasuries are just so good for you :))
I love to browse other shops and when some item caught my eye, I just put it in a treasury and then work with it. One item tells you great stories, it's got colors, emotion, message - and you just find your way with that pointers. Also to direct treasury in direction of Etsy hotness be sure to read monthly Etsy merchandise desk: .
It is important to TAG treasury with etsy hot words - you can find it in merchandise desk post, colors and etc..."etsy team" tag is important if you make treasury for the team.
Then with item directions, Etsy merchandise desk and your inspiration - you are on the way to create amazing treasury.

Chapter 2:
Treasury 1: Victorian 
This treasury made it to Etsy Front page.

My inspiration item was photo of Victorian house:

Feelings I get watching this photo is vintage, old, legend, mysteriously, victorian women, victorian life style, secret, nostalgic This treasury was done for Europeanstreetteam so I had to include 8 members from that team. In search I entered Europeanstreetteam grey green, and got some amazing items.

Treasury 2: Desert Rose  
This treasury also made it to Etsy Front Page.

It was done for STAT team. My inspiration item was: 

... Also I borrowed the title. Everything came from this picture, tenderness, warm wind, sand, lavander, rebel, being one of a kind . Searching for this in STAT team gave me amazing final treasury.

This one is different, harder to make and not really Etsy standards, but I just had to make it. Of course inspiration item is Julia.

This painting is amazing. I got so many feelings watching it. In this treasury I worked primary with feelings and than used color as second tool. She is sexy, passionate, mysterious, in her eyes you see strong character women who knows what she wants. I imagined that she had done amazing stuff in her life, she live life completely and don't obey to any rules. Everything she do is dedicated to her personal freedom. Jewelry in treasury is definitely jewelry she would wear. And perfume must be one of Kuhl extraordinary perfumes ( I see her soul is like this painting, aromatic, fresh, colorful, old : 

... travelled ... she loved ... broke hearts...and stayed a mystery.

Treasury 4: Be free  

This treasury is inspired by my dear friend :) owner of this blog and her amazing work. This is how I imagine her free spirit, her hippy nature. Item I started with are her amazing barefoot sandals:

 Colorful, hippie, flower, 1960, beach, sea, crystals, meditation, enjoying life, love and freedom I love hippie philosophy, that U turn to ourselfs in history. Searcheing for items that celebrate life gave birth to this treasury.

I'm so honored to have Moriah as a friend. Although she is so far from me and we never met in person, I feel so close to her and I find never ending inspiration in you :)) Thank you :))
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  1. Thanks Sanja for allowing Moriah to share your expertise with us. You truly are an artist! And, thanks to you, my bracelet was in the front page treasury! Much good luck to you both!

  2. Great post! Makes me inspired to make treasuries.

  3. Oh, my Miss Mojo. :)
    Thank you so much. Love you and adore you.

  4. Sanja, thank you so much for sharing your treasury-making techniques with us. You have such a wonderful eye for color and texture and your treasuries are always a joy to view!