Monday, May 9, 2011

Doll For Hope Winner!

I have my Winner of the Doll for Hope. Ruth from RnicholasPhotography gave the most liked answer of What she thought was beautiful, here is what she had to say:

I find that a selfless act is something so beautiful - when someone genuinely gives without expecting to receive.

But I also agree with you that there's nothing more beautiful than a smile on a child's face! :)

Congratulations Ruth! I hope you make a beautiful child's day with your rag doll!

Thank you to all who Entered!  

Here is what Ruth had to say about her doll!! She is too sweet! :)

Hi Moriah,

I just received your Doll for Hope rag doll! She's beautiful! Even more beautiful in person :) Beautifully presented, wrapped in pretty tissue paper - it felt like I was opening a gift (which I was!) - and your shop tags gave it such a professional touch.

I almost want to keep her for myself, but I know that giving her to a child is what I should do!! :-D

Thanks again, I'm thrilled to pieces!

Take care,

Ruth xo

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