Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Looking at the world through the eyes of a child...

As adults, we rarely take the time to stop and look around. We take things for granted and forget to see the simple beauty in little things. I am lucky to have three wonderful children who show me new things everyday, things that I would otherwise miss if they didn't point them out. Here are a few pictures of things they have showed me this past week.

This Beautiful Sunset

It was the prettiest colors of pink and purple. I told them I was sure this is where pink came from :) My son, Dylan was sitting in his favorite tree in our front yard, while I was cleaning up from dinner, he came in to tell me to look at the sunset. I was so glad he did.

While we were outside taking pictures we noticed something else of interest...

The Burning Bush  (or two :)
 My neighbors 2 doors down (not 3 Doors Down, lol) were outside burning their bushes in their front drive. It seemed very dangerous to me since most of the state of Texas was on fire at that time! But fortunately they were keeping  a close eye on them and standing by with their water hose :)

Good Morning Moon

The next morning, my daughter Hunter found the moon peering over the trees as she checked the weather to see if she needed a jacket.

My children always know how to make me...

Hunter pointed this out to me as we were looking outside for the bus, it is the bracket for the pole that our internet satellite is attached too.

Awesome things are all around me and I would have missed them all if it wasn't for my observant kids!

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